Vegan Buttercream Frosting!

Today I was asked by the lovely Holly, over at Pink Traveling Lips, about a vegan buttercream frosting recipe. It just so happened that at the time, I was covered in frosting (powdered sugar) at work, because I was making a vat of it!

Frosting is a big deal to me. I usually only eat cake as a vehicle for frosting, and when I’m decorating cakes for customers I have to remind myself not to go overboard with the amount I use. My dad was the kind of guy who would scrape the frosting off of his piece of cake, into the sink, while my mom, sister and I looked on in absolute horror.

Wholesome Chow chocolate cake with coffee frosting and a chocolate trim.

I have worked at many a bakery in the last ten years, and I’ve done my best to veganize the traditional (albeit unhealthy, but it’s dessert!) vanilla buttercreams I’ve made. What I love about this frosting is that it stands well on it’s own, but can also be used as a canvas to adding more flavors. At work, and home, I add extracts, fruits, sometimes alcohol (Frangelico, Creme de Menthe) — whatever the taste-buds fancy.

Here is my vegan buttercream recipe, on Vegansaurus. In my own personal experience, you can use all shortening, but not all Earth Balance. However, today Holly did just that. She had no shortening on hand, so she used vegan margarine. Her cake looked awesome; I hope she writes a post about it soon! I think the difference is that shortening will give you a fluffy buttercream, and margarine will give you more of glaze.

Happy decorating!