Eat Pastry Gluten-Free Cookie Dough Review!

About a month ago I reviewed Eat Pastry’s gluten-free, chocolate chip, cookie dough for a blog I contribute to, Vegansaurus. I loved the finished product, though I ran into a little trouble baking it. Cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies, are best baked straight out of the fridge or freezer. When the dough is cold, the cookies don’t spread quite as much. I bought the cookie dough, and then walked about a mile to the train, which got me home in another 15 minutes. So the dough was probably at about room temperature when I got back to my apartment. Because I was incredibly excited to get started, I only had the dough in the fridge for a short time before I baked it. My cookies spread A LOT. The edges were crispy, but the middle was still doughy. I made the next batch a little bigger, and had more success baking them. I then made an ice cream sandwich!


Here is the link to my review, as well as the steps I took to construct this ice cream sandwich and make ganache! I do highly recommend this product, just be sure it’s cold when you bake it!


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