If It’s Vegan, That Means It’s Healthy, Right?

I get this question a lot at work. When customers are looking at the dessert case, they ask if the desserts are healthy. I usually laugh and say “Well, there’s no cholesterol in them, but no”. Yes, my desserts are lacking the cholesterol, even trans fats and nasty preservatives that many of my dairy/egg dessert counterparts contain, but they are not healthy. Sugar is still sugar, fat is still fat, calories are still calories and vegan desserts are usually chock-full of these.

The only vegan desserts I would argue that could be considered healthy are raw desserts. They are usually sweetened with agave and/or dates, with the fats being made of nuts and coconut oil. I also make raw desserts, baby! Personally, I always feel much better after eating, let’s say a raw fruit cheesecake than a vegan cupcake.

Do not be fooled into thinking this vegan moon pie is health food! It looks and tastes so decadent because it is!


4 thoughts on “If It’s Vegan, That Means It’s Healthy, Right?

  1. You’re right! It DOES look absolutely delicious!

  2. I dunno. I just made (dark) chocolate oatmeal cookies with dried cherries (rolled in walnuts), and I’ve been especially regular this week! *giggle* TMI?

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